The Gary & Ann Crocker Science Center Project


Programs employ the CSC in the service of the public, our students, and our faculty. Research centers will direct the use of laboratory spaces, while outreach and education centers will coordinate the use of classrooms and public spaces. Programs serve as strong links between the many communities who will call the CSC home.

Center for Science and Mathematics Education

The CSME coordinates more than a dozen programs aimed at improving the quality and accessibility of science education across the State of Utah. These programs serve refugee students and K-12 teachers, while others connect with religious groups, incarcerated people, and the general public.

The CSC will provide additional public spaces and classrooms for the CSME’s programs, and will allow for the CSME to recruit new staff and faculty, further enhancing its service of our community.

Center for Cell and Genome Science

The CCGS is the largest research space in the CSC. Here, cell biologists, geneticists, mathematicians, chemists, and physicists will work together to understand the fundamentals of cells and the genomic system that underlies all biological life.

A truly interdisciplinary collaboration, research discoveries in the CCGS will revolutionize our understanding of biology and medicine, revealing new directions for the treatment of neurological and congenital disorders.

Center for Quantitative Biology

The explosion of the biological sciences and their increasing importance in society has resulted in the increased fragmentation of biological research. At the same time, these field are unified by deep questions about how biological systems function and evolve.

The CQB takes a computational and mathematical approach to these questions, seeking common ground and shared solutions for the diverse specialties of biological science.

Technology Incubator

Basic research of the kind undertaken at the CSC can revolutionize our understanding of the natural world we occupy. Historically, this research has been the catalyst for inventions and discoveries with significant public and commercial appeal.

Bringing together entrepreneurs, business experts, and scientists from all disciplines, the Technology Incubator will help researchers develop, commercialize, and adapt new scientific findings and inventions for medical, technology, and public use.